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Greetings from your friendly city bookstore. As I write this, another of our local indies is fighting what seems to be a losing battle with their landlord over whether they can stay in their location or not. The alternative is a storage facility on the lot where a 150 year old Victorian house once stood.

Yes, it might seem odd to make the first post on the Left Bank Books blog about a competing store’s struggles, but hear me out. Our store does not, and cannot exist in a vacuum. Without a vibrant local independent bookstore scene, the variety of local flavor and unique personalities of each area diminish. If one store fails, we all shine a bit less brightly.

Josh Hanagarne, decidedly strong librarian

My next post (very shortly after this introduction) will be from guest blogger and author of The World’s Strongest Librarian, Josh Hanagarne, where he’ll recommend some summer reading, but I wanted to introduce you to our blog and encourage you to follow our posts, as we’re much more interesting than Amazon and way cooler.

We’ll be tweaking this blog and looking for (begging for) more guest bloggers, but in the meantime do this:

  1. Sign the petition to save our good friends at The Book House.  It’s the right thing to do.
  2. Scroll down and take a look at the very well established blogs that some of our booksellers have already created including Page Appropriate, our children’s buyer’s blog!
  3. Read Josh’s blog post and then come to our event with him on May 11.  It’ll be fun, and you’ll be glad you came.

Jarek Steele

Co-Owner, Left Bank Books

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