Pups, Pancakes, and Press Here: Adventures in Storytime

Storytime has gone social!

Not only is there a page on the Left Bank Books website, and the occasional Storytime blogpost from Miss Jonesey (me!), but we’ve entered the social network arena with – you guessed it – a Facebook page.

If you have any pictures from Storytime, the Easter Egg Hunts or Trick-or-Treat that you would like to share, please feel free to email them to me at jonesey@left-bank.com. (You may notice that there are many pictures of my hair falling into my face as I read books upside down. (Reading out loud and upside down was not listed on the job description, PS.)(Booksellers have a strange range of skillz.))


Theron Humphrey is going to be in our Downtown store on Wednesday, July 10th at 7:00pm for his book Maddie on Things. Brilliantly, Maddie the coonhound will be here with him! My co-workers and I have been giggling our way into and out of this book of beautiful, lighthearted and creative photographs for days. I decided that my Storytime crowd was down with the picture book of a dog standing on a bunch of things, and I was not wrong. These photos are more than documentation of a really long trip, both in miles and in days. They are the picture of a friendship and an awareness of space and circumstance. The favorite photo was of Maddie wearing a donkey head mask, but mostly that may have had to do with how completely otherworldly she looked. I mean, really.

PressHere4aThe power of Press Here was proved yet again this morning as our newest Storytime attendee came over to help press the yellow dots and make them turn red, or blue. It is such a simple and creative idea and I’ve loved sharing it with children and families for the last year and a half. This is a fantastic gift from a hapless aunt or uncle for any child between the ages of birth and about 4 years.

Next weekend Stefano’s restaurant will host a Neighbors’ Morning Out pancake breakfast to support Friends of Lucas Park. 20% of all proceeds during the Pancake Breakfast from 8am – 1pm will go to support Friends of Lucas Park, a group of Downtown Residents who are committed to providing safe and active space at Lucas Park. Pancakes before Storytime? What could be more fun? (Not much, says this Storytime Lady.)

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